The Siljan Group In the heart of Sweden

The Siljan group is a business group with its core operations in the woodlands of central Sweden. It has a thousand-year old tradition of working with wood. Siljan’s history of working with and processing wood began in 1897. Our business is about managing forests in the best way and processing timber into high-quality products.

The new generation of classic pine floors

Our pine flooring is now available in a new colour palette, traditional flooring for modern homes

Snow – durable and beautiful

Snow is a hard wax pinewood floor that has been treated with whitening pigments, and then been treated with white pigmented hard wax oil

Frost – pinewood with white finish

Frost is a hard wax floor that has been treated with whitening pigments and then with unpigmented hard wax oil

Siljan oak floors

Siljan floors are now available in oak, in two varieties – Select and Country. Select is an elegant floor, with few and small knots and a quiet patterning. Country floors has a vibrant wood grain, with knots and color variations.

Wall panelling – trendy and traditional Floors & panelling

Our diverse range of panels has been well received. Panels can be mounted vertically or horizontally, depending on taste. SILJAN panels are available uncoated, in a white-tint finish or topcoat white finish.

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Timber from the best raw material region Sawn products

Our timber is taken directly from the best raw material area in Europe. The fertility of the soil and high altitude is a combination that provides a strong, slow-grown wood with sound knots.

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Siljan’s products consist of 100% natural raw materials from the forest to the finish. If you buy products with the SILJAN brand you can be assured that we do not use organic solvents, toxins, preservatives or other additives in manufacturing. The idea of ‘quality first’ permeates everything we do. Since the 1st of January 2012, all of the Siljan group corporation is certified according to leading standards for sustainable forestry.