Sawn products


We produce sawn timber of lasting high quality. The majority is used for industrial timber. You will also find our products in builders’ merchants throughout Scandinavia. Even Asia, the Middle East and North Africa are nowadays demanding sustainable and recyclable building materials, and have therefore become important regions in the export of sawn timber.

Siljan’s sawmills are located in the woodlands of central Sweden: Siljan Timber AB’s Siljanssågen in Mora and Blyberg Timber AB’s Blybergssågen in Älvdalen. The sawmills are equipped with the latest machinery and advanced computer technology. In recent years we have made investments totalling 400 million SEK, and smaller investments are made continuously. Together, our sawmills produce 450 000 m3sv (sawn volume) per year, divided into about 70% pine and 30% spruce.