Environment and quality

Environmental certification

Both of our sawmills, Siljan and Blyberg, work according to the requirements of traceability according to leading standards for sustainable forestry. Traceability certification means that the raw materials that are used by certified establishments can be traced back to their origins. All of the Siljan group’s corporations are certified according to these standards since the first of January 2012

Certified drying plants

Both sawmills drying plants are approved with KD-certification issued by Jordbruksverket (Swedish Board of Agriculture) which means that we have approved kilns for which we may issue an approval seal in accordance with the KD-certificate.

Mechanically strength-graded construction products

Mechanically strength-graded wood products can be delivered by Siljan Timber AB in accordance with EG-certification with regard to the factory’s own FPC (factory production control) and SP-certification Nr 0402 – CPD – 49 54 01

Policy documents

Here you can find the policies that state the guidelines for our work