Wooden floors – installation

Installation instructions are included with the floor

Whoever lays the floor is responsible for the result. Lain floorboards are not eligible for claims!

If you do not lay the floor yourself, we recommend that you use a GBR-affiliated floor professional for best results.

We recommend that you give yourself 3-5% extra for installation. All SILJAN floors should be stored in sealed packaging for two days before installation. This is to acclimatise the floor. It does not matter at what time of year the floor is installed, since it is a living material that adapts to whatever circumstances.

Detailed installation instructions are available for download.

Things to consider

The room where the floor is going to be installed must be clean and dust-free. Make sure that the under-floor surface is properly dry before installation. Differences in height of +/- 2mm should be corrected. The relative humidity should be between 35-65%. The temperature should be at least +18°C