Siljan Green Floor

Plant-based products

Our pine floors are treated in two stages. First they are primed, and it is at this stage that the pigmented floors get their colour. This is followed by surface treatment with hard wax oil.

Primer treatment

For the pigmented oils we use an oil that is commonly known as Chinese wood oil. It is an oil that is extracted from nuts and which originally hails from China (as its name suggests). The correct name for it nowadays is Tung oil.

The pigments are produced from minerals, i.e. like the oil they are not synthetic, but consist entirely of biodegradable natural products.

Hard wax oil

The hard wax oil is based on Tall oil and soya oil. Tall oil is extracted by steam distillation from the needles, small branches and cones of coniferous trees (Pinus), generally Scots pine (Pinus Sylvestris). Tall oil is often used in products designed for cleaning and disinfection, such as soap, due to its antibacterial properties and pleasant smell. Soya oil is extracted from soybeans in a press. Soya oil is often used in paint manufacture, the food industry, the manufacture of skin care products and in pharmaceuticals.

Our hard wax oil is thus produced entirely from plant products. It poses no risk at all to human health and is fully biodegradable.

A good choice

All surface treatment products for our solid pine floors are completely free of formaldehyde.

Taken together, the properties we have described mean that these floors are a good choice for allergy sufferers.