Underfloor constructions – Solid floors

Some examples of underfloor constructions with or without underfloor heating systems.
NB: only mechanical assembly, ie mounting with screws, is recommended.

 concrete floors with embedded underfloor heatinge
Underfloor heating in new wooden joists
Underfloor heating over wooden joists
Existing subfloor
 wooden joists

Concrete slab with wood-based floating subfloor

Assembly instructions for solid wood floors installed on subfloor with underfloor heating

For installation of solid wood flooring over underfloor heating, installation may only be done mechanically ie with screws, see detailed information in the installation instructions.

Instructions for mechanical installation of solid wood flooring on concrete floors with underfloor heating

When the underfloor heating is embedded in the concrete slab, you should screw the floor down by placing a 12 mm sheet of plywood on the concrete slab. Where possible it is recommend that you attach the plywood to the underlying surface with, for example, screws. If it is not possible to fasten the plywood sheets to the concrete floor, you can add them separately loose, ie avoid leaving large gaps. It is important that you do not put the boards edge to edge without leaving about 10 mm room between.
For floor heating constructions also contact your heating supplier for the approval of the above construction.

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