Snow structure pine floor

Snow is a hard wax pinewood floor that been treated with whitening pigments and then with white pigmented hard wax oil. Because the floor has been brushed they are 50 % more durable than usual pinewood floors.

Underfloor heating
Easy maintenance
Dimension Type
15×185 Parquet
20×137 Solid
25×162 Solid
30×187 Solid


A living material

Since hardwood flooring is a natural product, deviations in colour and appearance may occur. This is part of the charm of an authentic pinewood floor. We cannot guarantee that the colours of the floors as they are presented in photos will correspond exactly to the floor delivered. For exact colour samples, please refer to our retailers.

Solid or parquet?

Which floor you choose depends largely on where it is intended to be installed, what type of underlay you have and how much space there is to build on. Where you have the possibility of laying the floor directly on joists we recommend one of our solid floors, usually those that are 25mm and 30mm thick respectively. If you have a concrete surface or some other type of floor base which does not allow a floor to be affixed with screws we recommend our parquet.

Finish and colour may vary between solid and parquet, due to the manufacturing methods.

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