The raw material

The best raw material for flooring has to be slow grown

Wood is a natural product and can not be compared with artificial materials. The love of wood comes from a deep connection to nature. Siljan uses only the finest raw materials and combines them with over 100 years of working experience. A good floor product should be slow grown, with a high growth ring count. The number of sound knots should be as high as possible.

Being in the middle of the forest is a huge advantage. We are close to the raw material and our knowledge about wood is almost inherited in the genes and an important part of the culture. Even if the knowledge is old, the machines are top notch, as we invest for even and high quality, larger capacity and increased production range. The most important thing in floor manufacturing however is the drying process, and it is often there the big difference in quality lies. SILJAN floors are always dried to 8% which means that they won’t dry up and make gaps once you have laid them.