About the Group

The breadth of our operations is a strength of our group and gives us an overall perspective; from the single tree in the forest to the products produced in sawmills. This holistic approach allows, for example, our production managers to order exactly the wood – length, diameter, quality – from our contractors that they know that the sawmills have provision for.

Siljan Skog is the group’s raw materials company. In addition to purchasing felling rights and timber delivery, Siljan Skog works as the forest owner’s partner with regard to forest care as well as economic and legal issues. Our customers – and suppliers – are forest owners in Dalarna (Dalecarlia), Gästrikland (Gestricia), Jämtland (Lemptia), Härjedalen (Herdalia) and Hälsingland (Helsingia). Thanks to our purchase centres around the operations area, we are never far away. Siljan Skog also conducts trading in biofuels, such as briquettes and bark. Customers are local heating plants and producers of pellets.

Siljan Timber AB and Blyberg Timber AB are the group’s sawmill companies. Our sawmills are in Mora and Älvdalen. In total the companies produce about 400 000 cubic meters of sawn timber per year. The main markets for sawn timber are Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and Japan.

The brand Siljan guarantees that no organic solvents or other additives are used, and that the final product is 100 percent natural raw material. The idea of ‘quality first’ permeates everything we do. Our ambition is that Siljan will always be associated with services and products of the highest class.